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Welcome to Simpkins FE Quality Consulting, where I excel in both pre and post-Ofsted consultancy support for both educational and any further educational delivery/programmes.

I am Mark Simpkins, an ex-nominee from an Ofsted-inspected organisation who has helped 3 providers achieve outstanding, with a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve and maintain excellence in education. I offer a bespoke service that focuses on enhancing learning environments and boosting student achievement.

At Simpkins FE Quality Consulting, I provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your service, emphasising on quality of education, safeguarding arrangements and leadership. These are all elements often scrutinised in an Ofsted review.

In preparation for your upcoming inspection date, I will develop a comprehensive plan featuring clear and actionable strategies for improvement. I will consult and support you every step of the way to ensure these strategies are effectively implemented.

Drawing on my extensive experience and insights gained from my diverse consultancy roles. I am uniquely equipped to benchmark emerging trends and best practices in educational methodologies, compliance with evolving Ofsted criteria and leadership strategies. 

Together, we will work to elevate the quality of education excellence across your educational organisation!

Key Consultation Stages

To ensure the most favourable results from your Ofsted review and to positively influence both educators and learners, I have outlined the consultation process and the genuine value it delivers below. I aim to support your journey toward excellence – enhancing educational quality at every level!

Pre-Ofsted Consultation

Quality Review

Our pre-Ofsted consultation begins with a quality review, which is an extensive evaluation akin to a deep dive into your educational organisation. Tailored to the specific needs and size of your facilities and this review can span from three to five days. 

During this time, I will focus primarily on identifying key areas for improvement highlighted in your last inspection report or key pain points that we identify together, aligning with the standards set by Ofsted’s education inspection framework (EIF) or addressing specific areas chosen by you. This thorough assessment ensures a comprehensive understanding of your current practices and areas needing enhancement.

Strategy Development & Action Plan

Following the quality review I will craft a detailed action plan that outlines clear and actionable strategies for improvement. This plan is not just a roadmap but also a tool for fostering development within your team. It highlights critical areas such as quality of education, safeguarding and leadership, ensuring these pivotal aspects are not only addressed but enhanced.

The strategies proposed are designed to be both robust and adaptable, allowing for effective implementation across different areas of your educational provision. The plan includes specific and measurable steps that are practical and aligned with the goals of your organisation.

Coaching & Mentorship

In addition to providing a strategic action plan, I offer continued support to ensure the successful implementation of recommended changes. Depending on your preference, this support can range from directly driving some of the outcomes to a more supportive approach where I coach and mentor your leaders & educators. My goal is to help them develop the skills and confidence needed to drive outcomes themselves and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

By focusing on these essential elements during the pre-Ofsted consultation, we prepare your organisation not just to meet Ofsted standards but to exceed them, ensuring a positive impact on both educators and learners alike.

Post-Ofsted Consultation

Managing Inspection Outcomes

Following an Ofsted inspection, my post-Ofsted consultation service is designed to help you manage and respond effectively to the outcomes. Whether the results are either positive or indicate areas for improvement, my role is to assist you in interpreting and strategising the best ways forward. I provide expert guidance on addressing any points of concern, by celebrating strengths and ensuring that all feedback is used constructively to foster excellence in your educational environment.

Providing Long-Term Solutions

After the initial response to the quality review, our focus needs to shift to implementing long-term solutions that address the core issues identified. This involves developing a tailored strategy that not only meets the immediate corrective needs but also integrates sustainable and practical practices that prevent future challenges. My approach is holistic and aims to strengthen your overall educational framework, improving leadership and governance structures.

Documentation & Guidelines

An integral part of managing post-Ofsted procedures includes handling the necessary documentation required by Ofsted and the frameworks we set out together to support this. I assist in compiling and reviewing all required documentation to ensure they meet Ofsted’s standards. This support helps streamline the process, making it less burdensome for you and your team. While allowing you to focus more on implementation that is aligned with the guidelines and documentation used to support this.

Ongoing Guidance & Consultation

Maintaining these high standards and improvements is an ongoing process and I offer continuous guidance and mentorship post consultation. This support is aimed at ensuring the strategies are effectively integrated and maintained within your educational setting. Whether it’s through direct coaching or periodic reviews, I am committed to your long-term success and improvement, allowing you to recover from any setbacks along the way and thrive moving forward.

In summary, I am dedicated to helping ensure that your educational facility is equipped to handle quality review outcomes proficiently, implement long-lasting improvements and maintain compliance and excellence in the long run.

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How to prepare for an Ofsted Inspection

Preparing for an Ofsted inspection is not just about meeting standards momentarily. It’s about instilling long-term sustainable good practices within your educational setting. We need to ensure that every aspect of the inspection readiness is meticulously covered.

Assembling the Ofsted Readiness Team

Key to our preparation strategy is the formation of an Ofsted readiness team that is spearheaded by the Nominee. This team plays a pivotal role in coordinating all preparation efforts and ensuring that all areas are inspection ready. Responsibilities are delegated to those who are not only confident but also competent. Make sure that the preparation is thorough and aligned with Ofsted’s standards.

Developing an Ofsted Readiness Plan

Preparation begins with a detailed Ofsted readiness plan that activates from the moment we anticipate the inspection call. This plan is your roadmap to showcasing the best of your educational provisions. This detailed plan needs to outline every step needed to demonstrate compliance and excellence. It includes regular updates to all critical documents such as self-assessment reports and quality improvement plans. This plan needs to have the buy-in from all key stakeholders and members responsible for it to succeed.

Accessibility of Evidence

Being prepared means that all evidence and documentation are readily accessible and properly maintained. We need to ensure that all documentation, especially self-assessment and quality improvement plans are up-to-date. This allows us to present a clear and comprehensive picture of your ongoing efforts and successes during the inspection.

Training Staff

All staff, particularly the Nominee and Deputy Nominee need to be well-trained and prepared for the inspection. Our readiness training encompasses familiarisation with Ofsted’s expectations and equips your team with the knowledge and confidence to engage effectively with inspectors. We focus on empowering your staff to articulate and demonstrate how their roles and responsibilities contribute to the high standards of care and education provided.

Guidance Towards Achieving a 'Good' Rating or Higher

We will help guide you towards achieving a ‘Good’ rating or higher. By focusing on the fundamentals of best practices. Our guidance is tailored to accentuate the strengths of your educational setting and address any areas needing improvement, ensuring a positive impact on both educators and learners.

By adopting these strategies outlined above and “Getting Ofsted Prepared,” we will set the foundation for not just a successful inspection but for the continued excellence and improvement of your educational facility.

Why Choose Simpkins FE Quality Consulting?

Choosing Simpkins FE Quality Consulting ensures you’re partnering with a leader in educational excellence!

  • I am fully insured
  • DBS checked 
  • Hold advanced qualifications in Leadership and Management (Level 5) 
  • Coaching and Mentoring (Level 7). 
  • Achieved Ofsted Outstanding as Nominee
  • Supported 2 x ITPs to reach Outstanding as a consultant
  • Supported 3 x ITPs gain significant/reasonable progress at Monitoring Visits following an RI inspection

My track record includes achieving an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating as a nominee and supporting multiple Independent training providers to improve their ratings and make significant progress in monitoring visits.

The approach I take is developmental and non-judgmental. I focus on providing balanced feedback, by highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement with clear actionable steps. This ensures that you not only meet but exceed Ofsted standards and we foster a culture of continuous excellence.

I offer flexible service options with nationwide availability in England, accommodating both remote and in-person consultations. This adaptability ensures that comprehensive support is accessible no matter your location or needs.

By choosing Simpkins FE Quality Consulting, you are securing a dedicated partner committed to enhancing your educational provision and achieving sustained success.

Let’s work together to exceed expectations and positively impact both educators and learners!

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I am an experienced and confident Quality Director within the educational and learning and development sector. I thrive on having the freedom, independence, and security, to deliver exceptional results. I always work with integrity.


Next Steps

I can help you. Depending on the level of support you need, I can provide short-term advisory solutions, or longer-term support helping you to embed new strategies.


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