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How Effective Is Your Progress Review: A Guide

Progress reviews are a vital part of apprenticeship training that allows apprentices to track their progress towards their learning goals. As an apprenticeship training provider, it is essential to conduct effective progress reviews that provide valuable feedback to both the apprentice and the employer. This guide outlines how progress reviews can be tailored to cover and evidence important aspects of Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework, as well as ensuring you’re meeting the ESFA funding rules.

The Importance of Progress Reviews

Progress reviews provide apprenticeship training providers with an opportunity to track an apprentice’s progress, identify any areas where they may be struggling, and provide support and guidance where needed. By conducting regular progress reviews, apprenticeship training providers can ensure that apprentices are making progress towards their learning goals and are meeting the standards required for their apprenticeship. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bespoke future learning, gather evidence, capture feedback, and set challenging targets.

Tailoring Progress Reviews to the Education Inspection Framework

Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework outlines the key areas that apprenticeship training providers must cover during progress reviews. These include progress towards learning goals, evidence of learning, and the apprentice’s wellbeing. By tailoring progress reviews to cover these areas, providers can ensure that they are meeting Ofsted’s requirements and providing a high-quality training experience. Remember it’s important to capture applied learning, a practical approach that is supported by research to increase student motivation, foster student-centered instruction, and provide real world application. It is also an opportunity for high-impact learning, where students explore content and directly apply new knowledge.

Evidence to Capture at Progress Reviews

Providers should capture evidence during progress reviews to support progress to date. This can include completed assignments or projects, observations of the apprentice in the workplace, professional discussions, feedback from the employer and apprentice, and evidence of off-the-job training. Completing a skill scan during the review can also help to identify any areas that need further development, showing progress overtime.

Making Progress Reviews Efficient

Providers can make progress reviews more efficient by planning ahead, using technology to streamline the process, focusing on the key areas, using a strengths-based approach, encouraging self-reflection, and using the time wisely during the review. By adopting these approaches, providers can ensure that progress reviews are effective and efficient, allowing for high-quality training that prepares apprentices for their chosen career.

Duration of Progress Reviews

Progress reviews should take place at least every 12 weeks (some providers do this every 8 weeks to establish more regular contact time), with a duration that is typically 60-120 minutes. However, the duration can vary depending on the apprentice’s level of study, the type of apprenticeship, and the complexity of the programme. It is essential to tailor the review to the needs of the apprentice and employer and ensure that all necessary areas are covered.


In summary, progress reviews are an essential part of apprenticeship training that helps to track an apprentice’s progress towards their learning goals. By tailoring progress reviews to cover the key areas of the Education Inspection Framework, capturing evidence, and making progress reviews efficient, providers can ensure that apprentices receive high-quality training that prepares them for their chosen career.

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